Electricity coming and electricity house on construction at the borehole, joining hands make the difference at the community level,

price giving day is encouraging children to perform more better,our parents turns up more better for the support,more improved in performances,music,poems

Thank you to our guests and visitors.... and those who supported us in preparing the event.

With Water and electricity now we are thinking about the Boarding school ,a Complex Sports Center,and a Secondary school for boys and girls.

What can you help us with,Ideas,supports,then visit us and share with us for the purpose of Development.

With water we can alot,we can put luck of food away from us,this is seen at the Farm Francis is working on,if every member at Yenzuva could have such thing then we can be talking of something else but not a problem of food,

Price Giving Day 2012 may 19

Saturday 2 June 2012 by  John  MUSYOKI

Thank you for the books we got for our children, look at some photos of them enjoying reading the books.

We thank all those who help us and we assure you we will use them well,Thank you for the support,

Br john Musyoki


Price giving day on 21/05/2011

Thursday 2 June 2011 by  John  MUSYOKI

On 21/05/2011 we had our price giving day and many people came. Our parents, and two secondary school (Yenzuva Secondary School and Winyzeei Secondary School)

We have now 30 pupils and many are coming, our standard two was number one in the zone of ten schools, we hope we will keep leading since we are a quality school.

Br john Musyoki

Price giving day 1Price giving day 2

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