At present there is neither doctor, nor dentist, nor pharmacy, nor free health center in Yenzuva. In case of disease, the inhabitants have to go to the city of Mwingi distant from 25 km or to Nairobi (180 km).

One of the objectives of the association is to set up a free health center.
We’ll publish nearly an article on this project.

The objective of this section also is to supply information concerning the Health in Africa and in the rustic Community of Yenzuva.

Saturday 6 February 2010 by  John  MUSYOKI



Too many people in Thaana-nzau Yenzuva location, and they have been faced with different problems. This has been witnessed in several families where both parents have died as a result of HIV/AIDS infection leaving the children under care of very old parents who hardly provide for the grandchildren day to day needs,
The orphaned children and the community at large are faced with multiple problems of which nobody solves them since they are left to stand for themselves and find their way out by feeding themselves taking care for other young ones also. Some people in the community and orphans turn out to be HIV positive and this adds to the existing problems. High level of poverty and poor climatic conditions in the area worsens the situation.

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