• The idea of ​​implementing a screening of vision disorders, came to me watching a photo of a class Yenzuva Secondary School’s students. About fifty students, none wearing glasses, while in the same age group in France, a dozen children have worn. It therefore seemed to me that this required a screening procedure for students to detect those with a disorder of visual acuity and eventually correct this handicap, which could certainly promote academic success.

    A first step in 2012

    In 2012 we had the chance to collect the nomination of three young volunteers: Charlotte, Nicolas and Victor for a mission in Yenzuva community. The mission took place in July 2012 and consisted of three main actions: to paint the primary school, to report on the supply of water to drink and get tested disorders of visual acuity using a Monoyer scale. 570 students have benefited from screening in different schools of Yenzuva. This screening had identified ten students with significant impairment of visual acuity, and others with a smaller deficit, which could also benefit from remedial action with glasses.

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    Eye screening1
    Dépistage des troubles de l’acuité visuelle au moyen d’une échelle de Monoyer

    The first measures had been to inform the students themselves, their families and teachers, who had taken into account the handicap by positioning such students most affected at the top of the class.

    Of course we planned to make an examination by a specialist to the ten most affected by the deficit, in order to correct their handicap as efficiently as possible, but Yenzuva is 3H drive from Nairobi and we plan to bring a specialist on our next trip.

    Since what has happened?

    • In France, we received glasses through members of our association and have retained, in order to carry on a future trip.
    • In Kenya, Br John Musyoki, contacted experts to implement the intervention of one of them on the spot to examine the children.
    • More recently we had a proposal for a mom of students in a primary school in the Haute Garonne, for a collection of glasses from young children and of course we gave a favorable opinion.

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