To create an enabling environment for enhancing education and affordable services to improve the living standards of the people in Yenzuva.

To mobilize the community, organization and individuals to share and participate in all aspects of education, health and poverty reduction in Yenzuva community.

The objectives for which the organization is are : non-political and non-profit making.

  • 4.1 To provide a loving and caring home for orphans
  • 4.2 To avail quality education to orphaned and non-orphaned children.
  • 4.3 To empower the youth to develop their careers through skills training
  • 4.4 To provide psychological, social, biological and spiritual support to the community.
  • 4.5 To provide affordable health care to the community.
  • 4.6 To form branches elsewhere in the country in pursuit of the group’s objectives.
  • 4.7 To borrow any money required for the purpose of the group upon such terms and     securities as may be determined and agreed by members from time to time.
  • 4.8 To organize and hold meetings, seminars or any other lawful assemblies for the purpose of sharing and dissemination of information on education and related matters.
  • 4.9 To set up institutes or institutions relevant and conducive to the attainment and furtherance of the Members objectives To do all such other things relevant to the promotion, furtherance and attainment of the Members objectives.

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