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Interview of Francis Kimende Musyoki

Sunday 11 October 2009



Sophie Vice –President of “Yenzuva Education et Santé”: What has been achieved by the group to this day?

Francis Kimende Musyoki, Secretary of St Bridget Self-Help Group and Director of the Nursery school, answering the questions:

  • i) Access to information.  The community has now a place, a structure where it is possible to get a lot of information. If the members want to organize a seminar on a specific topic, they plan and look for facilitators to teach them in the center. This access to the center’s activities and seminars is free, whereas people generally have to pay to attend seminars in other places.
  • ii) Training or Seminars:  Since the forming of St Bridget Self-Help Group in 2008, members have been trained in starting small projects focused on farming on small scale or HIV/AIDS. With this knowledge, there is a lot of change in the community approach and attitude towards these matters. The members are able to approach the problems they face more positively. Since they have the  knowledge now, they can do little gardening and install small irrigation systems for their vegetables.
    JPEG - 386.1 kb
    Little gardening in Yenzuva
    now, they can do little gardening and install small irrigation systems for their vegetables

This shows that what they are learning at the center is helping them. With more seminars and training we hope they will learn a lot and do a lot for themselves and the community.  NB, the community now can get more information and easily since the center is near them.

  • iii) Nursery School: Parents have understood the benefits for children of going to school when they are young ( three years old) so they have started to bring their children to school as early as possible. We have 23 children in the nursery school.
    JPEG - 325 kb
    Children of St Bridget Group and Nursery school

The only problem is that there is no permanent classroom for the moment.

  • iv) Facilities or properties: The Group has some properties (the land, materials) and members are planning to build their own office.

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